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"Fashion should be fun and uniquely individual"

A sentiment that still resonates with the Bellissima Fashions team 40 years after the first store opened in 1981. Viviana Shaneman has held firmly to this belief which has ultimately guided the success of the Bellissima brand. 

Influenced at an early age by her father, a supporter of the arts and film, Viviana was exposed to the glamour of movie stars and fashion. Her mother was equally influential, always meticulously dresses with a sophistication that seemed effortless. Her aunt, a talented seamstress, taught Viviana the importance of a well-constructed garment. 

After completing degrees in biochemistry and accounting, Viviana realized that her love of fashion was much more exciting than her love of science and accounting. 

Over years, Bellissima became know as the go-to place for the unique, the special, the glitz and glam when one wanted to make a dramatic entrance. It continues to the place to go to find the one outfit to mark life's milestones, or have an evening out with friends. 

In 2021, Bellissima brought forth its commitment to community and celebrating women. For years, the fashion industry has told women clothes will give them confidence and wearing a particular brand will empower them. Bellissima completely disagrees. 

Belissima believes that clothes are an extension of an individual's personality. They are reflective of the confidence and inner spirt of that person. Clothes ultimately reflect the greatness within. At Bellissima, we celebrate that greatness, that confidence, that power in each individual that walks through our doors. 

A freshly curated lineup of new designers from Italy, the UK and other European influences are found in out stores alongside favourite Canadian fashion icons. The new Bellissima is accessible, with an abundance of designs that any fashionista would get lost in. While the long gowns are gone, our commitment to quality, exceptional customer service and a bit of whimsy are still hallmarks of our success. 

Vivianna, along with the headquarters for Bellissima, still reside in Calgary to this day. 

Come and Experience Bellissima for yourself.